Sell These 3 Stocks Before It’s Too Late…

In spite of recession talks, the current bull market is showing no signs of stopping anytime soon.

2019 has seen the S&P gain 16%, with gains spread across a wide variety of sectors. Even though stocks are soaring, some are now starting to show cracks in their armor.

These 3 stocks have already shot up for the year, but could be the first to give back their gains.

Take a look before it’s too late…

Aurora Cannabis (ACB)

Cannabis is the green rush that keeps on giving. But like all bubbles, it is going to pop, it’s just a matter of when. The long term opportunity in pot is enormous, but for investors looking to bank profits, now might be the time.

Valuations for Aurora a getting stretched a bit too far, and it’s aggressive strategy is certainly high-risk, high-reward.

Aurora has a long life ahead of it, but for now the entire sector is looking a overheated, and this ticker could lead the losses.

Wayfair (W)

The jingle is so catchy, my kids started singing it out of the blue. A natural disrupter, W has yet to show anything close to a profit.

Wayfair has had an enviable run in 2019 but it might be coming to an abrupt end if the furniture cycle follows its normal pattern. With no earnings to speak of, it looks more than likely.

GoPro (GPRO)

It’s like a sale at a department store where right before the holiday season they mark everything up to show an even more impressive sale price.

GoPro is no different. Up an impressive 48% for the year, yet, it also touched an all-time low in December.

This company has a habit of disappointing and most 2019 GPRO longs forget their brutal stock history.

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