3 CBD Stocks That Could Soar…

CBD stocks are hot… and heating up.

In fact, CBD is now the favorite MLM opportunity from many of my wife’s friends. That has to mean something, right?

CBD is being heralded as the new ACAI with claims it can help alleviate everything from anxiety to pain, to menstrual cramps.

My bet is that those claims wouldn’t hold up under intense scrutiny but with everyone rushing into the marketplace, there is a great opportunity for investors to walk away with real profits.

Here are 3 stocks investors can use to play the current CBD craze


This is not a value play, in fact, investors should keep in mind any stock related to marijuana is risky as hell. HEXO is one of those few plays that investors can be less weary of because CBDs have a more mainstream application.

When HEXO announced a joint-venture between itself and Molson Coors to produce CBD infused beverages, the stock jumped. The stock itself is up 100% this year and extremely volatile. HEXO already proved that any good news in it’s favor can boost the share price and make investors a bundle of profits.

KushCo (KSHB)

This not a company that currently markets CBD products, but, it is a company that should see a much higher demand for it’s products and services in the U.S.

KushCo is probably best known for its packaging products used by the cannabis industry. Its previous corporate name was Kush Bottles. But the company now makes the lion’s share of its revenue from vape hardware and accessories.

However, KushCo’s fastest-growing business is marketing solvents and hydrocarbons used in extracting oils and cannabinoids. This business should especially benefit from the expansion of the U.S. hemp CBD industry with rising demand for CBD extraction from hemp plants.

Charlotte’s Web

While Canopy Growth is building out its hemp CBD business in the U.S., Charlotte’s Web already boasts the No. 1 hemp CBD brand in the country. The company markets a wide range of CBD products, including oils, capsules, creams, and pet products.

Charlotte’s Web’s Q1 sales were barely above its sales from the previous quarter . But don’t think for a second that the company has really lost momentum. The issue seems to be production capacity. That’s only a temporary problem, though, with Charlotte’s Web more than doubling the acres of hemp that it’s planting this year.

There’s no question that more doors are opening for Charlotte’s Web’s CBD products. The company now ships to more than 6,000 retail locations across the U.S., with over 2,300 of those added this year. This number should continue to increase rapidly as national retailers put Charlotte’s Web products on the shelves of more of their stores.

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